Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Chris123, Nov 25, 2009.

  1. Chris123

    Chris123Well Known MemberMember

    Just wanted to know what your plans were?
  2. bolivianbaby

    bolivianbabyFishlore LegendMember

    Quality time in the morning with my daughter and my animals, and then going to my sister-in-laws house in the afternoon for the "family thing".
  3. iloveengl

    iloveenglWell Known MemberMember

    Normally spend a day with my husband's family and then a day with mine, but we're too broke to afford gas this year. We're kinda too broke to afford food right now too, *lol*, so we're gonna have Thanksgiving in a week or so. :) Kitties are gonna get some canned wet food and fishies are gonna get frozen blood worms.

    What are your plans CHeese Burger? :)

  4. TedsTank

    TedsTankWell Known MemberMember

    We have the Grand kids here since last night!! 2...11 year old girl and a 2.5 year old boy and having a ball. Then we all go over the river and thru the woods to my daughters house for the day tomorrow.

    Rest on Friday, and then Saturday, over the river and thru the woods to visit with my mom...89 year old, at my brothers, in Lancaster Pa.

    Did I mention that I hear there is a huge Fish/Pet place there??...hummmm
    and maybe some Emporer Tetras!!! or a large school of Cardinals!!!!!
  5. OP

    Chris123Well Known MemberMember

    I'm goin to my Grandmas for thanksgiving.
    I'm going to eat alot (as usual)
    And spend time with family and relatives
    Then to my uncles if we have time :)

    And probaly give the fishes a treat

  6. harpua2002

    harpua2002Fishlore VIPMember

    No plans for us! We're cooking a huge meal here at home, then eating and probably napping, lol. We made the last Walmart run today and we're going to stay in all weekend and avoid the Black Friday madness like the plague. ;)
  7. Amanda

    AmandaFishlore VIPMember

    I may be going to my mom isn't doing anything sice she has to be at work by midnight for Black Friday
  8. Aquarist

    AquaristFishlore LegendMember

    Hello. It's going to be a peaceful day tomorrow and probably a few drop by neighbors. I'd like to see some of the Thanksgiving Day Parade. Eat some good food and maybe watch a few movies. (Play on Fish Lore)
    ahhhhhhhhh life in Hootersville! Love it!
  9. harpua2002

    harpua2002Fishlore VIPMember

    Ken, isn't your better half a chef?? Lucky! :D
  10. Shawnie

    ShawnieFishlore LegendMember

    for once, we are cooking the entire usually the one that brings the rolls or a pie or two to someone elses house!!! LOL

    but my bf asked for the week off and hes an italian ..who inherited the love of cooking from his mom(thank god I Hate cooking LOL) so hes cooking the entire meal!!!

    now mind you we have 16 ppl coming to our cute lil ranch house...(980 sq t) with 10 fish tanks mixed in..should be quite interesting to say the least!
  11. Slug

    SlugWell Known MemberMember

    Work, then sleep, then work for me.
  12. iloveengl

    iloveenglWell Known MemberMember

    OH I almost forgot! :happy0064: The National Dog Show is on tomorrow! :;dogrun I always watch that with my mom when we're cooking. SO much fun! Does anyone else watch it? We always try to guess the winner, but I just end up falling for whoever is the goofiest looking. ;D
  13. gremlin

    gremlinWell Known MemberMember

    Everyone usually comes here for Thanksgiving. Sort of a potluck type thing so no one has to cook the whole meal all by themselves. One sister always does the rolls, one always does the cooked veggies (since none of us are really excited about yams) and one does a veggie tray, one sister (and her 8 kids) handles the mashed potatoes (from scratch) and dressing. Several people bring desserts - pies and such. Mom always makes her lemon dessert. Then 2 or 3 of us cook turkeys (depending on how many are coming). This year there aren't as many of us coming, so we will only have 2 (maybe 3) turkeys. Two of my sisters are cooking turkey and I'm doing a small one in the fireplace. There are between 65 and 70 of us and only one family (of 6) lives out of town. Even so, they usually come. However, this year, some are going deer hunting (left yesterday), some are spending the holiday with their in-laws, and the out-of-towners are saving up to come down for Christmas. We have a special reason to be thankful this year. My 15 year old nephew (my oldest sister's youngest child) has a very virulent form of leukemia. He was in remission for several years, and it came back about 3 weeks ago. He has started his chemo and been receiving transfusions and i.v. antibiotics and such and has spent a lot of time in the hospital since he had 0 resistance to germs of any kind - 0 white blood cells. The docs got the results back today of his latest tests, and he is in early remission and came home from the hospital tonight so he can spend Thanksgiving weekend with his family. He is totally overjoyed! If all goes well, he will be able to continue his chemo and such through the out-patient instead of having to stay in the hospital.
  14. Aquarist

    AquaristFishlore LegendMember

    Hello Harpua. Yes, my other half is a chef. :)
  15. Tigerfishy

    TigerfishyWell Known MemberMember

    Ah yes, happy thanksgiving to you all across the (fishy filled) pond!! :;toast
  16. Shawnie

    ShawnieFishlore LegendMember

    :;nw and we SO appreciate your work so we may be able to have the day like today ....without you and your fellow comrades sacrifices, no one would be able to continue with their thankful stories!! I sent 3 huge boxes over to the troops and although I have no clue where they go to, I want you to know im thankful for all you do everyday for us!!!!!! :;group
  17. bolivianbaby

    bolivianbabyFishlore LegendMember

    +1. Thank you, Slug! Best wishes to you and the other troops and we're looking forward to the safe return of all of you:;group

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