Thanks Everyone

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I wanted to take the time to thank everyone who has ever helped me.

Meenu, thanks for everything...even though we got into it in the beginng you are one of the best people on the site to have as a friend. I hope you and your family is doing well.

Lucy, Thank you for your insight. You are a very wise person with a kind soul never lose that. I hope you are doing well.

Ken (Aquarist48) You are a great person with a wonderful and happy personality. Thanks for helping me get to know the site.

BassBoneDiva, I admire your aquascaping knowhow and I want your help when I get my next tank. It'll look good with your decor styles! Good luck on your new tank. I hope Amun is well

Cajunfiberco, When I first meet you I didnt know what to think. But as time has gone on I see just how insightful and helpful you are. You have a wonder personality. And I look forward to more of your insight.

Critter, You are the betta Princess lol. Anything betta I love to hear your insight. You have that way of explining things that others can not. That is something good to have indeed. I hope your bettas are well!

MM- You are the betta Queen by a long shot lol. You experience with these fish is just unbeliveable. Thank you for sharing that with me.

Jaysee- You are the man. Thanks for sharing my intrest in chemistry and the understanding of my overly complex explinations...You are one of the my closest friends on the site.

Rae64- Lol you are by far the funniest person. Which is not a bad thing. Funny but understanding and helpful is the way to be. Never loss that.

Red1313- You are very insightful in all areas of fishyness. Thanks for helping me all those times, and for correcting me when I was wrong. You can't learn or teach based in incorrect facts.

Shawnie- Me and you did argue in the begining...but then I realized I was an idiot and you were right all along. Thank you for that...even though I think I got on your nerves.

Tigerfishy- You are the most knowledgeable person yet to come. Just your ability to know some of the most random stuff about fish keeping keeps me on my toes. I thank you for that...from you I have learned a lot about the hobby.

And for anyone I may of forgotten...(sorry I have a bad memory) Thank you all so much for all the help you have given me. Since my time being here with your alls help I have managed to help a lot of people and learn a ton more. I think I can call my self a fish keeper now. Actually...I could just about open a fish store now lol. Thanks everyone I just hope that some how I can repay all of you in what ever way I can. I hope you all are doing well. Best of Wishes.

Actually I did forget someone and I don't know how I did.

Mike- Thank you so much for putting up with the stuff that went wrong with my profile and for putting up with me complaining. Also thanks for getting my blog set up for me.

Ahhhh I knew I was forgetting someone!!!
Bolivianbaby- Sorry I forgot....but thank you too. Your insight and creative side is fun to have around. Thanks for everything!!
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Aw, you're such a sweetie, Chris. I think you provide a lot of help and insight, too.
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What a sweet post.
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Thank you.

Lol that was my 1000th post...XD
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thanks buddy. were all here to help. that's what makes this the best forum out there.
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Amen to that. Its why I fell in love with this site. Everyone is so friendly. Its like one large family!
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Thanks for the kind words Furallicah. Having members on the forum such as yourself, makes it a joy to sign on every day!
I'm so glad that you've found the site helpful. So many friendly people here
Best wishes,
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That's really nice of you Chris. I agree, this is such a friendly place to hang out.
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Fishlore is the palce to come to if your sad. With the happyness everyone brings to the site its very uplifting.
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You're such a sweetheart! We are very happy you're a part of this forum.
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Thanks BB....I am soooo sorry I forgot to add you to the list....It didnt hit me until earlier....I have such a bad memory....
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You don't have to apologize. I've got a pretty bad memeory myself. For me, it's a parental moment

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