Thank you very much


I thank you all that have helped me get my tank cycled I know I asked like a billion questions. But my tank has been cycled for little over 2 weeks now and it is going strong. It was a fun process and I can not wait to get a bigger tank. Glad I found this site you guys and gals all rock thanks a bunch. This is the number 1 site for fish information. Thanks again.


Thank You very much. It's a joint effort and everyone puts forth their best efforts to have a good and informtive site. thanks again.


This is a great site I am glad I'm here, glad you're here to, good luck.


I have to third this thank you!!!! THANK YOU everyone for suppling me with ideas and answers. you people are truly dedicated to what we do
pat yourselves on the back especially you big guns(you know who you are!!!!) even though I live in australia it hasnt mattered one bit (yet)

thanks again keep up the awesome work!! (this sound like I just wrote a school report for a

regards dazzler

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