Texas Male? Female?

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    I paired this fish with a proven female. They've laid eggs twice and eaten them. I didnt look close enough at the time to check if it was anatomically male or also laying eggs. It didnt used to have that black dorsal fin spot. If 99% of female texas have the black spot, do any males? What do you think?

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    IMO, Texas Cichlids are one of the more difficult fish to positively ID gender. It's true that a black blotch on the dorsal fin is a female marker for a lot of New World Cichlids. On the other hand, I once kept a Festae male which sported a black blotch on the dorsal. I currently have a male (unfaded) Red Texas Cichlid that has black spot in his dorsal fin as well.
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    Thank you for your examples! I'll hold out hope for fry.