Tetras compatible with angelfish

Discussion in 'Tetras' started by Maxy24, Dec 31, 2012.

  1. Maxy24

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    Once my tank is healthy again we're going to want to look for more fish. First we'll have to replenish our Harlequin Rasboras, and I have to decide whether or not I want to replenish the Bleeding Hearts (I love them but have noticed them nip at the angels occasionally and they seem pretty mean to each other...though since I've been maintaining the tank well they seem nicer to one another), but then we'll be looking for new species. We usually go for tetras since we know they are generally peaceful, but I know some can be nippy towards angels and some can end up angel food. So I was wondering what tetra species go best with Angelfish. I'd really like to own Pristella Tetras again, I liked them a lot, are they considered good?
  2. OP

    Maxy24Valued MemberMember

    Sorry, just realized there was a section for compatibility questions, I probably should have asked there.
  3. pirahnah3

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    They would be fine with the angels, you are right tetras are usually peaceful however if they are not in a large enough school they can be nippy. I would actually worry about the angels being more nippy than the tetras in the end (unless you are talking a variety like the serpae tetra which is known for its nipping)
  4. RogueAgent94

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    Like Jim said, most tetras are okay with angelfish. You just need to stay away from those that are small enough for them to eat or those that are nippy like serpaes. Pristellas, I think, are too small. Neons are the same.
  5. kinezumi89

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    I would stay away from bullet-shaped tetras, like neons and lemons, and go with more "disc"-shaped tetras, like skirts or diamonds. (I'm not really sure about behaviors of each type though; some like serpaes are more nippy, and I'm not sure which, so be sure to look in to both factors when deciding. :))
  6. Gamer

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    I've kept angels with black neons, serpaes, rummies, neons and lemons. I like lemons best for adult angels as I never had to worry about them eating my angels fins or my angels eating them. An angel/tetra match made in heaven. With serpaes I had concerns of them nipping my angels as they got older and with the rest my concern was my angels getting older and eating them. Pretty sure lemons can't fit in an angels mouth and they aren't so nippy in my experience.
  7. Fashooga

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    I heard black fin tetras will nip at the angel fish...thus why I didn't get an angel fish...
  8. OP

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    Thank you we had diamonds before and i really liked them, so we'll probably get them again. So perhaps the better question would have been what tetra species are bad with angels? So no neons or serpaes. Pristellas are a maybe. I have cherry barbs that they have not touched, i feel like they are similar in size to pristellas.
  9. RogueAgent94

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    Diamond tetras are awesome! I had some in my angel tank. I loved those guys.

    There isn't an exact list of Tetras which are bad to keep with Angels. You just have to feel it out. Any kind of nippy tetra wouldn't be a good idea. Red-eye Tetras, Congo Tetras, Columbian Tetras, Blind Cave Tetras, Penguin Tetras, and Black skirt Tetras are just a couple that you may want to stay away from.
  10. Magoo

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    Congo's? Really I had just added them to my stocking list to go in with angels can they be nippy?
  11. AmazonPassion

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    I keep Red Eye Tetras with my Angels and haven't notice any nippiness. I think it is because the amount Red Eyes I have in my tank. I've always been told Red Eyes and Black Skirts were nippy but never experience that partly because I like having large schools (9 or more).
  12. Junne

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    I just got a baby marble angel ( 3 months old ) and she seems fine with my school of Neons, Cardinals, Glowlight and Embers. My Tetras are all adult sized and don't seem to even notice the angel, and visa versa.
    I also have 2 zebra danios which I thought would be nippy but they aren't and never were with the tetra's either....
  13. catsma_97504

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    As every one of us have different experiences it is virtually impossible to put together such a list.

    For example, the long time debate over neons. This is the natural food for angels. They will be eaten one day, unless the angel dies or is moved to another tank. This is an inevitable situation. I've seen angels and neons housed together for years. Then one day no more neons. For me it was 3 years til doomsday.

    Blackskirt tetras are one I kept with angels without issue. But I had a school of 15 in a 90G tank. Put only 6 skirts in a 29G with angels and it is a very different story.

    I have kept angels with Cherry Barbs. Thought all was well until there were no more barbs a couple of years later.

    Once I had a tank with quarter sized angels and ghost shrimp. The shrimp got stuck because it was too big to go down. I never dreamed an angel that size would try to eat 1.5 inch shrimp. But they did!

    All we can do is list the nippy and incompatible species. The larger the tank and the larger the schools the greater the odds it might work. But if dealing with a tank under 55G you multiply the odds tenfold.

    Bottom line. If it fits in the mouth it will be tomorrow's dinner. Only question is how many tomorrows will it be?
  14. RogueAgent94

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    I agree Dena. There is no telling how long and if a certain type of fish will work or not. Angels are quite moody at the best of times I've noticed.

    Amazon, I think your success with Red Eye tetras might have been influenced by the size of your tank and the aquascape. You had plenty of room for both the angels and the tetras to get far away from each other and lots of things to preoccupy both fish. Just my opinon though.

    I'd be wary of Congos. They're larger African tetras. I've never been able to keep them with Angels.
  15. Magoo

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    I do really value your advise Rogue I guess rainbows it is then :)
  16. Matt B

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    I agree and have gotten many great tips and info from him, a very valuable member imho.

    He still wasn't able to talk me out of Congos though. ;)
  17. Magoo

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    Lol :) I just don't want to make any mistakes
  18. RogueAgent94

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    ;D Thanks! I'm glad to be appreciated.

    Haha yeah I know Matt. You like to learn the hard way I guess. :p Just kidding. It doesn't always work out the way it did for me though. I have heard of successful tanks with Congos and Angels but I was never able to pull it off. But then again I only tried six or seven times. I was sick of having to regrow angel fins LOL.
  19. Magoo

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    Rogue aka Jonathan I do really appreciate you so really you could pm me your freshwater flake recipe :) ( yep still after it lol) sorry for semi hijacking but still tetra angel related.

    Matt have you got congo's in with your angels?
  20. Matt B

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    Not yet, in the near future when I move some angels from the 55g they will go to a 65g with some congos.