Tetra Whisper Heater


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5 to 10 years
Product/Service: Tetra Whisper Heater (any size)

Description: submersible heater, comes in several wattages

Pros: relatively cheap, submersible, dark color blends into background, light that turns on when the heater is on so you know if it is working

Cons: hard to set right--there are no numbers maked off so you have to guess, all four that I tried got stuck on "on" and overheated the tank, only a two-year warranty


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I never used a tetra heater before bu I have uses and only use Hydor heaters.

Product: Black in color with indicator light when it is on scale on top of heater that is labled it degrees F by two degree positions from 70 to 90 degrees

Advantages Easy to hide in aquarium backrounds comes in many different sizes and is submersible

Disadvantages: the scale is not exact on heater From experience it is usually 5-10 degrees off

I've found that if you put the heater near the intake of the power filter the heat in the tank is closer to the set point on the heater. I place my thermometer on the other side othe tank opposite of the heater this way the measurement is the most extreme and the temp is of only about 2-4 degrees off. Not to shabby in my book so if I want 78F water I set the heater to 75f and it holds that temp great

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