Tetra whisper 150

  1. Angelfish2guppy

    Angelfish2guppy Valued Member Member

    Any opinions on this filter good,bad, loud,etc? I plan to use on on a small rack I step up, 4 10 gallons and a twenty, to power sponge filters.
  2. Coradee

    Coradee Moderator Moderator Member

    Bumping this up for you
  3. Aludar

    Aludar Valued Member Member

    I have one model below that currently running a DIY sponge filter in my 5g plant qt, works great from my experience. Likely to move it over to my larger tank once it finishes cycling and add an extra line for an airstone. Pump offers a little bit of white noise but have heard that it can be pretty bad with some internals rattling around after some use but that can be remedied if you don't mind popping it open to tighten a bolt or two inside when/if the time arrives. Just my two cents.
  4. b

    benpoole28 New Member Member

    I bought the 300 to power two k1 chambers and it was not nearly enough. Very disappointed with it and sent back to amazon.
  5. N

    NormalFishkeeper New Member Member

    The whisper air pumps(or any whisper product ) have less power than other tank size rated products. for example, the whisper AP40 can power only one airstone, while a similar top fin 40 pump can power two to full length. also, a whisper 30 puts out only 80% of a marineland filter eated for 30 gallons. nevertheless, they air pumps are quiet, but they could do better. try to get one rated double to get the power of a similar sized other brand pump.
  6. N

    NormalFishkeeper New Member Member

    rated, not eated.:;smack
  7. b

    benpoole28 New Member Member

    I bought a diaphragm pump from jehmco.com. it's awesome!