Tetra Tankmates?

  1. kittykat0725 Member Member

    Hi - just so you know my profile is wrong I haven't updated in a long time, sorry. So two days ago I went to a fish store and asked what to put with my tetras. They showed me five tanks that would be ok. Now I am not blaming the employe because they probably figured that these two fish are bother small and kind. So I got two male guppies. Well, that was a diaster! The next day, one of the guppies died. And that night I found that the male guppy had no tail. I quickly removed him and put him into a cup. I know that guppies need large tanks but for now all I had was an empty 2.5 gal, my bettas old tank. So I got a small setup and put him in. The next morning he died. I also bought one rummy nose tetra and he is fine and schooling with the neons. I didn't know that neons could be so mean to other fish! SO HERES MY MAIN QUESTION : What can I add that FOR SURE will be fine with my tetras???? Also, I would like to get a variety of fish so plz dont say more neons.

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  2. Coradee Moderator Moderator Member

    If your profile is wrong, what size tank have you got & what fish are already in it?

  3. kittykat0725 Member Member

    10 gal, 6 neon tetra, one rummy nose tetra

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