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Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by Wickette, Mar 1, 2019.

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    Ive got a bunch of glowlight tetras in quarentine, one of them is always at a 45 degree angle and his movement is jerky, like hes hopping not swimming, goes up and forward 2cm, sinks down and backward 1cm, over and over again.

    He looks healthy otherwise, not bloated, no fins missing, what could it be and what if any treatment should I try, Ive got a bunch of ghost shrimp in quarantine with them. Since there are a lot of meds that are deadly to shrimp not sure what to do with them. I have more tanks but no more heaters.
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    Giving this a bump up for you hope you get some responses today
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    I added general cure but its getting worse daily, the fish is just vertical now, I think Im just going to bring him back to petsmart.

    The question now is what do I do with the other fish? Do I just give it a couple of weeks and then move these quarantined fish to the display tank. Ive been lucky in that Ive never had any kind of outbreak or deaths in my non quarantine tanks, but it also means I dont know what to do when a single fish from a school is sick.
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