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I need some expert advice! I setup my new 29 gallon tank on 3/24/10 using Tetra SafeStart. I did my first water test on the 30th and my 2nd today, the 9th day since it started. It's suppose to be ready in 7-14 days with the safestart, but I'm a little bit worried. Here are my results from my 2 test.
3/30 ph: 8.2, am: 1, Ni:0, Na: 5
4/1 ph: 8.2, am: 1, Ni:0, Na: 5

I know there's still 5 days to go, but I thought I would see something different than this.
Does anyone have any encouraging words for me?

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TSS is a pretty good product but you must follow the directions pretty closely.
Did you treat the water with anything before you added the TSS? When did you add the fish compared to the TSS? Did you test the water before you added the TSS?

If you are on city water the chlorine in the water will kill the TSS. You need to treat the water with something to remove the chlorine. But you have to wait at least 24 hours after treating the water. Let us know if the tank had fish in it before you added the TSS or if you added them at the same time. Typically the best thing to do is add it with the fish and then wait 7 days. If it is not cycled wait 3 more days and you will then likely know if it worked or not.


I agree. As far as chlorine, Tetra recommends their own product, Tetra Aqua Safe, as a dechlorinator with TSS. I used it, and it works fine. I think anything will work as long as it is NOT a detoxifier like Prime or Amelquel+. Those products are not compatible with TSS.
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I put my fish in about 3 to 4 hours before the tss. My water is from a well, no chlorine, ammonia or nitrites. Has about 5 nitrates. I didn't treat the water, I read that it would kill the tss.


Give it 3 more days. I had similar readings at day 7 and 8, then by day 11 it had worked (but that was my 4th time using it).

Once it cycles, I would suggest waiting about 2 weeks to add more fish, though. Let it get good and established first.
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When using SafeStart you are supposed to start off with 3 or 4 fish. It appears you have a fully stocked tank that you put the SafeStart into. There is always the chance that the high amount of ammonia being produced is overwhelming the bacteria.


Q & A With Tetra about Tetra SafeStart

Good morning,
You may find the link above helpful.

Your readings are going to be all over the place while you're cycling or cycling with TSS. That is why it's suggested that you not test for at least 7 to 10 days

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