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Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by Kam0724, Jun 13, 2018.

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    Hello, so I currently have a 10 gallon aquarium I have been trying to cycle for three weeks with no change in ammonia, it was at 2ppm. I was adding pure ammonia and added Dr tims one and only. After adding the one and only, my ammonia appeared to go up and there was white sediment all over the gravel and plants. It was suggested I should clean the gravel and start over because it was probably dead. I did that and now my ammonia is .5. I ordered tetra safe start plus because of all the good reviews and I am trying to get this tank cycled before my sons birthday in July. I thought I could use it to fishless cycle my tank, but then read it is best to use with fish. The tank will have two ADFs, but I would rather not risk their lives in this process since I heard they are very sensitive and am not interested in adding fish that I don't really want to keep when all this is over. I have a 5.5 gallon tank with two shrimp and 4 snails, which I was planning on having in the tank with the ADFs. Would having the shrimp and snails in the tank with the tetra safe start provide sufficient food for the bacteria to grow? Or if I use the tetra safe start to fishless cycle my tank how much ammonia should I add to the tank so it doesn't die off? Would fishless cycling with tetra safe start take a lot longer?
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    Welcome to FishLore!

    I've never kept frogs, but I do believe you are right in that they are pretty sensitive.

    According to Dr Tim, you can cycle fishless using his One&Only and his ammonia hydroxide (or whatever it is). Dr Tim actually developed Tetra SafeStart, so it should have worked. But as you said, you may have gotten a bad bottle of it. Dr Tim does have instruction on his website for fishless cycling, where I believe he tells you how many drops per gallon of that ammonia stuff (wish I could remember the name) to use.

    But members have fishless cycled with Tetra SafeStart successfully. If I were going to cycle with TSS, I would add the bottle to the tank (but make sure it was been at least 24 hours since you used a water conditioner...this is very important). Then I would bring the ammonia level up to 1ppm. You don't want to get that ammonia level too high since it could overwhelm the bacteria.

    Then just monitor your ammonai, nitrites and nitrates daily. As your ammonia heads down to 0ppm, redose back up to 1ppm, then you may of may not see a rise in your nitrites. But once your nitrites are at 0ppm and you have more nitrates than before you added the TSS and you are processing that 1ppm of ammonia within 24 hours...you'll be cycled.

    Expect to allow 14 days for the TSS to cycle your tank.

    Best of luck and feel free to ask any additonal questions you may have.
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    I used TSS for my tanks, I added fish in when I did the cycles and both tanks cycled and I have not had any fish deaths at all. I didn’t even put in a whole bottle either and had no issues. I don’t know about doing it just with ammonia and not fish though...

    Either way I definitely say that this product worked for me!

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