Tetra safe start

  1. Ap05 Well Known Member Member

    Hey guys. I've had 2 weeks worth of 0 ammonia, and 2-5 nitrite on my api kit. . I've done water change after water change and everything is great except for the deep purple nitrite.

    I just added a bottle of tetra safe start. Will this help? I have fish and plants already. Do I do any water changes or add any ferts still? Kinda confused on this stuff. Thanks!
  2. poeticinjustices Well Known Member Member

    Ap05 - Sorry for the cycling issues :( In my goldfish tank, the nitrites were the first. I added SafeStart then too. Is does have some specific instructions though. So I have a few questions.

    1) Did you add the whole bottle of TSS in? Was it appropriately sized for your tank?
    2) When was the last time you did a WC before adding TSS? With SafeStart, you're supposed to wait 24 hours after adding any water conditioner to add TSS.
    3) I think that nitrite levels that high can work against the SafeStart. I'll link you to the Q&A in a moment. It does say that high levels (2-3.5ppm) can harm some of the bacteria but that it might still work.
    4) Once SafeStart is added, it is advised to wait 14 days before doing water changes, etc. Used correctly, TSS cycles a tank in about 14 days. On day 15, if you have 0ppm ammonia/nitrite and a nitrate reading, you're cycled and can start gentle maintenance. Sometimes it takes a couple extra days, in which case I was advised to wait as I was close but not quite there when I used it. A lot f people don't even test during this time, just observe the fish for signs of stress.

    If it were me, I think I'd try again following the appropriate steps, especially if you didn't wait those 24 hours. Is your tank actually in the midst of its initial cycle or is this some random, crazy spike?

    Anyway, here's the link for you, I hope it can answer some of your questions.

  3. Lucy Moderator Moderator Member

    Hi Ap05
    I hope a water change was done before adding Tetra Safestart.
    If not, I fear the nigh nitrites might have an adverse effect on the bacteria in TSS.

    How long have you been cycling and what is the nitrate reading?
  4. Ap05 Well Known Member Member

    I did my water change yesterday. Waited 24 hours and added the entire bottle of the tss
  5. Lucy Moderator Moderator Member

    Fingers crossed!

    What was the nitrite reading right before TSS was added?
  6. Ap05 Well Known Member Member

    Hard to tell but between 2 and 5 where's stayed for 2 weeks. Fish are absolutely fine though! No signs of sickness or stress. Plants growing mad!
  7. Ap05 Well Known Member Member

    Also is it okay to add some water that is lost due to evaporation?
  8. fishingdeep Member Member

    A bottle .....why not the directions? Just have to ask?
  9. Ap05 Well Known Member Member

    It said to add the bottle I thought? It was a smaller one. Can't remember the actual size of it
  10. poeticinjustices Well Known Member Member

    Adding the whole bottle was right to do for aquarium start-up, don't worry. I'm just a little concerned about the nitrite readings possibly effecting the TSS so please keep a very close eye on your fish and, in this case, probably your levels as well. If, at any point, your fish appear unwell, I would consider the TSS failed, do multiple water changes to get the levels down and try again when you've managed to get the levels lower.

    Do the levels come down at all after a WC? I haven't heard of nitrite in the tap, only nitrate and ammonia, but that doesn't mean it's not possible. Have you checked your tap for any of these things? And is your pH above 7?

    EDIT: To add lost water from evaporation - here is what I was told to do: Prepare a container of water, add your water conditioner as directed and let it sit 24 hours. You can then use that water to top-off a lowered water level if you have to.
  11. Ap05 Well Known Member Member

    Nitrite is 0 in our tap. Ph is around 7.2 I believe. Nothing changes the nitrite no matter how many wc I do. Ammonia is 0, nitrates are around 10.

    Nitrite was 0 for about a week so I added fish. 2 weeks ago it shot up and will not come down. I've only lost 1 female ram and the male I'm pretty sure harassed her to death.