Tetra Safe Start questions

  1. MissCap

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    I have had my 10 gallon tank running for 2 days and have treated it with a conditioner. I got a bottle of TSS but am confused on how to use it. I plan on going to my LFS tomorrow and getting two male guppies. I will add 2-3 more after the cycle is complete.

    I have read several articles but am still confused. I do know to add the whole bottle.

    1. Do I put in TSS before or after I get the fish. Since it eats ammonia wouldn't I put it in after the fish?

    2. How long do I need to wait until I test the water and do water changes?

    3. What is the difference between TSS and TSS+? I just have the regular one. If I need the + I can pick some up tomorrow.

    Any other important info I need to know about TSS?
  2. clk89

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    I'm not sure if guppys are hardy enough for a fish-in cycle, but I can answer the questions about TSS.

    With TSS and a fish-in cycle you want to put the TSS at the same time as the fish, or a little bit after.Then you can't do water changes for two weeks. You can test, but the readings might be a little wonky so some say not to test for two weeks too.

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  4. OP

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    Ok thanks. I will probably add the TSS right after I acclimate my fish. My LFS is 30 minutes away so putting it in before I go wouldn't do any good.