Tetra Safe Start and adding fish Question

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    Some of you know I was about 6 weeks in to a "fish in" cycle that was going very slow. 75G with 4 black skirt tetras and 2 white skirt tetras, Aqua Clear 110. 2 bunches of hornwort, 1 amazon sword, and 2 small anubias. Ammonia never got above .50 no nitrites or nitrates. I broke down Friday and decided to try TSS. At that time I also added 1 dwarf gourami, 2 neon moon platy's, and 1 bronze cory. I have since read that the cory will be much happier in groups of at least 3. I know they are active fish but he already seems unhappy. Spending more time up and down the glass then on the bottom. My question is would it be ok to add two more bronze cories now or should I wait 7 or so more days until the TSS has time to finish cycling the tank?
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    If it were me, I'd probably wait.
    Here's a Q & A With Tetra about Tetra SafeStart
    Maybe it'll help you.

    Let's see what others who have more personal experience with the product have to say.
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    Hi flyin-lowe,

    I'd advise to wait till the tss has finished your cycle. Then you can add a few cories a few at a time. If you add anymore fish now, you could ruin the cycle. Good luck and keep us posted. :;hf
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    Thanks for the quick responses.
    Ill wait until the cycle completes.

    This is going to be my test tank as I have an empty 120 gal I am setting up next month. If I have good results with the TSS I will likely try it again. I am still on the fence and might go fishless with the 120.
    The above tank is at my grandmothers house and she "needed some fish in it" that is why the fish in cycle on that tank.