Tetra Disease

  1. peacemaker92 Well Known Member Member

    Big big problem...

    My whole 55 gal community is affected by tetra disease. They've been dropping dead one by one! Water levels are normal to prove it. It's really saddening to see half my community dying. The dead ones get caught on the filter and I only catch my eye on them after a few hours so sometimes I don't find a single skin on them left. Some are still affected and still alive but probably dying slowly. It's really saddening! I know there isn't any cure for this disease but what else can I do? I can't afford to replace them. Is there a chance my Pearl Gourami could get affected?
  2. Tigerfishy Well Known Member Member

    I don't think there is. Neon Tetra disease doesn't even affect the Cardinals, so I would imagine your gourami will be fine.
  3. Lucy Moderator Moderator Member

    I'm really sorry about your fish. What species have you lost?
    If it's true NTD, unfortunately there isn't a cure.
    Are you sure that's what is effecting them? Have you looked into False NTD?
    The only real way to tell the difference is if they respond to antibiotics, then it's FNTD.
  4. peacemaker92 Well Known Member Member

    Hi Lucy,
    I have Rummynose, Neons and Glowlights. How do I introduce antibiotics into my fishes?
  5. Lucy Moderator Moderator Member

    I've never had FNTD, so I'm not sure which meds would be effective.
    FNTD is bacterial where true NTD is parasitic.
    I've read that Maracyn products might help with FNTD.
    If not all your fish are showing symptoms it would be best to treat in a Q tank.
  6. peacemaker92 Well Known Member Member

    I don't have a Q tank... Was never prepared for this kind of situation. I 'had' a 3 gal tank but it's currently being used by Zac. :(
  7. Lucy Moderator Moderator Member

    You can use a clean plastic tote thats never seen soap or chemicals.
    Add a heater, filter and viola! A Q tank!
  8. peacemaker92 Well Known Member Member

    I'll see what I can find. Thanks so much, Lucy!
  9. Aquarist Fishlore Legend Member

    Quick and dirty quarantine setup
    Hello Peace. So sorry to hear that you've having fish loss and ill fish. The link above may help you with a quarantine set up.
    Best wishes!