Tetra Ate a Rock (Swollen Abdomen)

Tank Details:
- 29 gal
- HOB filter
- Heater at 77* F
- Planted aquarium with Ecocomplete soil
- Running for 2 years
- Fish mates include: Guppies, neon tetras, and other glofish. 12 fish total

- pH 7.4
- Ammonia 0 ppm
- Nitrites 0 ppm
- Nitrates 5 ppm

- Usually change 1 gal every few days to clean clogged intake filter
- 5 gal change every week
- Use Prime water conditioner

- Once in the morning and sometimes again at night
- A variety of Omega One flakes and pellets every day. Their tubifex worms two or three times a weeks.

One of my fish seems to have a wound on its stomach and some scales are sticking out. I think it ate a small rock/snail? The only problem is that it won’t eat, and it swims around normally. Will it pass out the rojust fine?

Full Story
I noticed that one of my fish was not eating when it was feeding time. They’re all usually swimming near the top right before I feed them. However this fish was just floating in the middle. I recently changed the gravel and added one more bag of ecocomplete soil (VERY SLOWLY for 5 days since I know it disturbs the beneficial bacteria in the substrate). I waited a few days and checked the parameters. They were all normal so I did a water change and replaced the activated carbon just in case. However, the fish still seemed lethargic. He moved around just fine whenever the other fish were swimming towards him and swam away from the gravel vacuum just fine. I think he might have eaten some rocks that I recently put in. The other fish are perfectly fine, it’s just that one.

I’m not sure if there’s anything I can do, or if I should just wait it out and see if it gets better.
I have the Aquarium Coop fish meds so I can treat those if necessary but the wound still seems very small.

My first piece of advice is this: that is not a neon tetra.

That mark on hi body, however, looks more like a parasite to me. I'd quarantine him and read up on some ways to treat internal parasites. If others agree with this conclusion, hopefully they can give some advice on the best med choice here.
Agree with bcsay720 in definitely not a Neon...but more likely to be one of those glofish genetically altered fish. They are notoriously prone to health issues by virtue of having their genetics messed with to get the brighter and unnatural colourings.
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Isnt that glofish the black skirt tetra variety? When I said “Tetra”, I meant black skirt tetra, not neon tetra lol. Although I also do have neon tetras in the tank haha.

And she seemed a lot better today. I think she finally passed the rock. Swimming around like usual and eating during feeding time.

I already treated the tank with Ich X (Malachite green) and some Paracleanse (metronidazole & praziquantel) and Maracyn (erythromycin),so whatever they have should be treated.

Ive had my glofish for 2 years and I love them so much.

Thanks for the input!
Wasn’t necessary to use medications for ich or anything really. Mixing medications isn’t a good idea either. Don’t use a med unless it’s respective infection/disease is serious. Until it’s serious, large, frequent water changes are best to keep ill fish healthy before the problem grows. No reason to treat infections/diseases that don’t exist.

Glad to hear the fish is recovering.
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