Tetra Aquasafe And Safestart

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    pm12345 New Member Member

    Does anyone know if Tetra aqua safe plus kills the bacteria in the SafeStart plus?

    I ask because my water tests are now showing nitrite at around 1 ppm. I suspect this is due to me erroneously switching filters when I didn't really need to, and washing it in tap water rather than aquarium water. So I think the new filter is filtering out the good bacteria.

    Consequently, I've been doing 25% water changes everyday for the last three days. I treat the new tap water I add with AquaSafe, wait around 24 hours and add the Safestart. But now I'm wondering if the water changes are counterproductive because the Aquasafe kills the good bacteria in safestart before it gets a chance to establish itself?

    Any help or advice would be appreciated.
  2. bryangar

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