Tetra 29 g starter kit? Question

Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by dgmirage, Jul 7, 2014.

  1. dgmirageValued MemberMember

    Hi all,

    Relatively new to fish. Recently purchased National Geographic 23 gallon from petsmart. Not too happy. Light is already broken, internal filter is kind of disappointing. I realize there is a sale at Petco regarding starter kits and dollar per gallon Tetra kits.

    Does anyone have any advice on these kits? The 29g Tetra Starter Kit is on sale. Is it a good starter kit?

  2. Adam55

    Adam55Well Known MemberMember

    I think it is, yes.
  3. Phishphin

    PhishphinWell Known MemberMember

    I'm not familiar with the model, but I always tend to go for more filtration than what comes stock with many kits.

  4. poeticinjustices

    poeticinjusticesWell Known MemberMember

    You are not the first member to mention the Nat geo kit. I heard about problems with both the size and strength of current with the filter. I didn't know Petco had a sale on kits I thought just dollar per gallon for empty tanks. I do know petsmart is having a sale on kits.

    Seconded to the above - I usually find kit filtration insufficient. Only ever bought one but looked at many.

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  5. OP

    dgmirageValued MemberMember

    Yes, I was pleased to hear that Tetra starter kits (only 10 and 29 gallons) are half off! A 29g starter kit from tetra is 65$ Sounds like a steal.

    The nat geo tank itself is beautiful though. I will certainly probably get a better filter than the one the tetra comes with. I'm just concerned because the tetra tank doesn't feel too well made. Would this be a concern? It sounds like so many people have this tank though without problems.
  6. OP

    dgmirageValued MemberMember

    Thanks Adam. Do you have any Tetra tanks? I see you are kind of a pro at this. The tanks don't feel 'solid.' Am I just being to particular?
  7. Adam55

    Adam55Well Known MemberMember

    Well, thank you. I'm no pro, though. Just a guy with some fish.

    So, I do not have a Tetra tank, no. I'm just basing it on what I know of their reputation, mostly from members here. I would agree with the others that suggested beefing up the filter. You can never have too much filtration, especially when you get into filters that let you customize the media.
  8. FiscCyning

    FiscCyningWell Known MemberMember

    The dollar per gallon price does only apply to empty tanks, but they also run a sale on kits at the same time. I assume the reasoning is to draw people in with the lure of $1 per gallon and then upsell to the kit when they realize everything else they'd need to buy.

    I have only had smaller (5 and 10 gallon) Tetra tanks but they worked fine for me and I haven't had problems. You might have to upgrade filtration depending on what it comes with. The 29 might come with a HOB which should be fine, but I know their small kits only come with the Whisper internal filters that aren't ideal.

    Now that I think of it, I'm pretty sure the tank I set up for my parents was a Tetra 29 kit, and that was 5+ years ago and the tank is still in great condition. They have since had to replace the filter (HOB) but I suspect the problem was from them not cleaning the impeller, rather than faulty equipment. The tank itself has been structurally sound.
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  9. NCE12940

    NCE12940Well Known MemberMember

    I've only had my 10g Tetra tank for a month and a half; no problems with it. Like most, I don't care for the filter and will be replacing it with an AquaClear filter. I did replace the light bulbs for ones that are better for plants.
  10. Prep8611Valued MemberMember

    Why not just take advantage of the dollar per gallon sale and just get the cheap tank and then customize it with what u want? It may be more money to start but you'll get everythig u want and won't have to settle.

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  11. OP

    dgmirageValued MemberMember

    Great Advice everyone! I cannot thank you enough!

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