Test Tubes- API Master Freshwater Test Kit Question

Discussion in 'Test Kits' started by cameronpalte, Apr 9, 2012.

  1. c

    cameronpalte Valued Member Member

    Hey Guys,
    Being slightly clumsy today I drop and shattered 2 of my glass test tubes in my master test kit out of 4. I will be fine with having 2 left, but was wondering, except from getting a new test kit is there any way I can just go to the store and purchase say a 3 pack of test kits. I'm only interested in paying like tops $3/test tube. Thanks ahead.
  2. Wendy Lubianetsky

    Wendy Lubianetsky Well Known Member Member

    You know you should be able to make your own by measuring the volume of liquid in one of the test tubes you have and marking it in another test tube. It doesn't have to be the same size and shape. I have never seen them sold seperately and I stalk LFS.
  3. c

    catsma_97504 Fishlore Legend Member

    Try searching the Internet. Quick search turned up this link:  
  4. kinezumi89

    kinezumi89 Fishlore VIP Member

    I've searched chemical supply websites, they sell test tubes and stoppers for dirt cheap (~10 for $3). I plan to buy a bunch, and make a holder out of wood for them all, so I can do all my tests at once and not have to repeatedly shake the bottles... :)
  5. OP

    cameronpalte Valued Member Member

    Wow thanks for all the quick help:)... maybe I should of researched this a little bit before asking:)...
  6. ryanr

    ryanr Moderator Moderator Member

  7. Aquarist

    Aquarist Fishlore Legend Member

    :animal0068:Good morning,

    I have moved your thread from Freshwater Beginners to Aquarium Water/Test Kits section of the forum.


  8. a

    anz Valued Member Member

    I did the same thing. Just ordered replacements. Here's the link.  

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