test results are in!!! Not many fish left!!!


I am certainly no expert but I would do an immediate water change at least 30% if not 50 as the ammonia is killing your fish!

Here is a link to another thread on ammonia this may help you out as well....
Definitely do a water change. I would suggest 50% or a little more if you can. Your ammonia level is past toxic.
did a big water change... Fish seem to be feeling better... How often should I test the water.. I was doing a water change everyother day and that wasn't doing any good.. I just talked to m son-in-law and he said I had too many fish to start with... one fish for every two gallons of water. I only have about five or six left so I should do better... I also replaced the charcoal pad in the filter... wish me luck... ???
Depending on what fish you have in the tank, keep the ammonia level at 1 or less. If they are hardy fish, you could probably go to 2, and if they are more delicate, less than 1 might be better. You should be getting nitrites soon. Hang in there and keep us posted on your ammonia, nitrite and nitrate readings!


you shouldnt replace your filter because that contains your bacteria you need to cycle your tank which hasnt started cycling yet... what type of fish do you have?

if you have zebra danios just change your water and wait for it to cycle and you should be fine

if you have any hardy fish like guppiies, mollies, danios, etc you should be fine but if u have delicate fish then you need to get your ammonia down really quick if u want ne fish to live... 1-2 is way too high for most fish I beleive

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