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    I have setup my 190l freshwater tank over the last few days
    I am using seeded filter media from my pond that was running for two years with 6 goldfish in it.
    It has ran for 24 hrs
    Today i added a whole bottle of tetra safe start and waited 2 hrs then i added 2 red robin gouramis.
    After acclimatising them correctly over the space of an hour and change.
    I also added my pleco from my other tank
    Tonight i done a round of tests :
    Tap water = 0mg of nitrates
    Ammonia =0mg
    Nitrites =<0.3
    Nitrates = 12.5mg
    I basically want to know what this suggests, i am new to this cycling, testing business, i know the tests are not showing critical levels of anything and i have a lot of water on standby just incase.
    I use tetra liquid test kits
    My API master test kit is in the post for the last two weeks so that was the best i could get.
    Any info/input is greatly appreciated. Im not naive i realise there is work to be done i just want to know if im off to a start

    Cheers lorraine
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    Shouldn’t it tell you on box?
  3. tunafaxWell Known MemberMember

    You *might* get a small ammonia spike, but otherwise for all intents and purposes the tank will be cycled if that media is properly seeded and there is enough of it.