Test kits... ive 2 questions in regards... and 1 random question Important

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    1st question isnt really a question but am wondering if anybody else has experienced it with the "tetra test - nitrate test kit" it basically stains the plastic vile and it takes you forever and ever and ever... to get it clean again, what happens is you think its clean, then you leave it to dry.. but then you take a quick glance at it and realise its gathered an illuminous green liquid in its bottom? this is really really annoying... so i have decided to change test kit manufacturer now.

    Which brings me to my 2nd question...

    Any recommendations on test kits... im currently sort of in the process of browsing through them all... lol.. seeing whats what & what works well

    Im about to try the salifert calcium and ammonia? would you agree on these, im going to order in about 9/10 hrs time (now 11.03am-then 8/9pm)... so any feed back or recommendations would be awesome.

    My last question is salt? like test kits, im kind of browsing... however salt is a bit more difficult to judge its character... ive noticed "tropic marine" is expensive £70+ for 20g bucket... other competitors cost lot less @ £40 mark... is the tropic marine brand worth while... help me out..

    so the questions in brief...

    1. has anyone exp illuminate green residue-liquid (water reacting wiv old solution - even after being rinsed and rinsed) build up in there test kit vile just before its about to be put in use?

    2. Also what test kits would you highly recommend? i regularly test for ammonia/nitrite/nitrate/copper/alkaline/calcium/phrosphates & magnesium...
    is anything else worth testing for?

    I have a electronic aquarium PH pen reader... ***** (5star award). Continuous accurate readings make life so easy.

    3. Salt... seat salt.. any recommendations?

    Thank people! :)
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    A lot of the members here at Fishlore use the API Master Liquid Test Kits
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    I use API for my salt and freshwater setups. I get consistent readings that are not usually difficult to read. The best part for me is the chemical reagents for fresh and salt is the same so I don't have to have lots of different chemicals.
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    Im now using API... not bad.. and nice sized bottles too, look like thye shall last a fair while.
    Hopefully the phrosphate and calc ones are just as seem... should revieve those tomoz!

    thank you!