Territorial Bleeding Hearts


I have three Bleeding Heart Tetras in my 55 gallon (the fish have been sick, that's why there are only three). They seem to be very territorial towards each other, even when I had five of them two (the largest) would charge at any that came near them. All three hang out in different areas of the tank and if they come close chase each other away.

I'm not sure if, when they are all healthy, I should bother getting more or if they will just get on each others nerves. I know tetras are supposed to be happiest in groups, but they seem to be happiest far away from each other. Thoughts?


I don't know a lot about bleeding hearts except that I had a very bad experience with them and I would not have one in my tank. I had 3 little albino corys and the bleeding hearts and the bleeding hearts nipped every fin off my corys two died but the third little corry lived and after a very long time grew back the fins and went on to live a long happy life. But those bleeding hearts took every fin except his tail it was the most pitiful thing you have ever seen. :


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Most all tetras become aggressive, nippy and a royal pain when they are not kept in a large enough school. Everything you describe does not surprise me. I would set up a QT tank and purchase more. In a 55G you could house many. I'd aI'm for 8-10.

You also listed a single pristella tetra. It too will need a school of its own kind, or rehomed.

Be careful with tetras and angelfish or any long finned species. The tetras, when in their aggressive mode, will bite at the angel fins and chase it around the tank.


I've got 6 Bleeding Heart Tetra - The two largest ones go after each other and I occasionally see them take a nip at my other fish. I've decided that I'm not really a fan of them because they move so quickly when nipping. When I did research on them it said they were a peaceful fish...
Even my Rainbow Shark has a nipped back fin and I'm sure it's from the BH's! Strange because NOBODY in the tank messes with the shark.
If I had someone that I could re-home them to I certainly would but don't know of anyone in my area with a big enough tank to take them...


Hey guys,
I've been having some troubles with my 2 bleeding hearts for a while, so I'm my research, I found this. The two that I have (I know, should have more, 3 at one point...) stay very close to each other, both females, and jump at one another every once in a while. I have no idea why they would just stay in the corner together and fight. If they are territorial, why not move away? Sometimes they also bobble around, as it they can't keep straight. Any suggestions?
Oh and I have 2 glofish tetras, 2 mollies, 4 cory catfish, and 3 zebra danios in a 29.



Tetras are schooling fish and stick together for safety. However they also need to establish a hierarchy but with only two they will constantly fight over who's boss. Adding more will spread out the aggression.

What kind of Glofish do you have? And cories? Each of these and the danios also needs to be in a group of its own kind.

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