terrestial plants in an aquarium? Question

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    are there any terrestrial plants that can go in my aquarium i know some will rot but hey theres always replacements i was just wondering is there like a bleach dip i could do to make sure there clean also will they provide oxygen the same as an aquatic plant ?thank you
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    I have 4 small cardinal plants, which are supposed to be bog plants. Some people have had luck with them submerged, some not. Mine are just over a month in the tank, and are doing well so far.

    Maybe try something that will float. Otherwise, the roots are going to rot from lack of oxygen (if it's a true terrestrial) and there goes the plant. Maybe Philodendron? You can grow that in water. It has a milky sap, though. IDK if it would be detrimental to the fish.
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    I actually was wondering the same thing, I heard of someone with a orchid betta tank. Granted, I dont know how long the orchid lasted (I think I saw that on here, dont remember).
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    can clover those 4 leafed clover plants or weeds you see in the backyard be used as an aquarium plant i mean i dont mind replacing them when they rot but is it safe for my fish to eat or be around terrestrial plants ?

    i looked on fish lore but no specific plants came up
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    If the terrestrial plants might have been treated with chemicals of any kind, you might not want to introduce that to your tank.
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    There are some terrestrial plants that release toxins as they die, as a natural defense, or with trimming, so if you find something you may want to research it. Personally, I wouldn't do submerged terrestrial since you will just end up with a polluted tank as it dies off. The possible consequences just outweigh any short term benefits to me, but that is my opinion. Maybe you could find some that are capable of converting to a submerged setting (i.e. some bacopa species). If you do put a terrestrial plant in the tank, then remove the dead leaves sooner than later since some algae like dying leaves.

    Maybe try growing plants emersed in a filter with some rocks, or I believe there are plant floaters for the same purpose. The humidity would need to be higher though, unless it already is.
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    Terrestrial plants are called "terrestrial" because they don't grow underwater :p Plants like the cardinal plant (I have a few myself) aren't true terrestrial plants; they're merely grown emersed, creating purple leaves, but plain green ones grow in when it's grown underwater.

    Additionally, as was already stated, many terrestrial plants leach toxins as they die, and I wouldn't want to risk exposing my fish to that. I have bamboo in my tank, but only the roots, as the leaves have to stay above the water line.
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    sorry for wasting your time yeah i kind of already had my answer earlier in the thread
    thanks everyone

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