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  1. Jai

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    Well..not quite on the lines of Terminate!...........here's the scenario.....my blue play has been a mean little bully to my yellow platy...24/7 he is bullying him! chasing him around....so I phoned my pet shop and explained it to them, very kindly they said I can bring back the blue platy, and so I did and got a beautiful silver molly...it's incredible!.....but guess what?!?! thats not the end...as soon as I added my silver molly the yellow platy (the one that was bullied by the blue platy) started to bully my new molly!....it's a joke!....I felt so sorry for the yellow platy before coz he was bullied by the blue platy, and now i'm upset with it.....my poor molly...... :'(
  2. mistycheri

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    Sounds like you have a dominance thing going on. Are they both male?
  3. Shorty

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    Have you sexed the platys? You should have 1 male to 2 females, this is to prevent a single female being bullied to death by the guys.
    I am guessing your blue and yellow platys could be male and as Cheri said it was a dominance thing, and now you have removed the blue and replaced it with a molly the yellow male platy could feel dominante over the molly.
    Tis a complex thing this pecking order and dominace, why can't they all just have a nice cup of tea and let bygones be bygones :)
  4. Butterfly

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    Too much testosterone flying around!!! Until females are put in or the males are seperated they will continue this way sorry.
  5. mistycheri

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    I wonder...... Do they make Xanax in liquid form, that we could use to chill out these aggressive little fisheys???:):-]
  6. Butterfly

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    "Dissolve one Valium in a cup of water, add to tank".......... j/k Sometimes you wish you could do just that :)