Ten Gallon Stocking

What do you want to put in it?

Have you looked at the 10 gal stocking options thread that's stickied in the Stocking subforum?
I got a ten gallon with a betta in and I want to put more fish in with it but I don't know what will work.

Where would I find that subforum?
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I got a ten gallon and I want a 1 bigish fish for it what do you recommend.
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10 gallons "big" fish are pretty limited The best thing I've come up with is a giant betta.
But if you come up with a change of thoughts then : neon tetras , guppies and cory catfish (bottom feeders)
will be a great setup
All cory are too big or active.
if you do want a bottom feeder go with asain ston catfish
also I recommend greens neons instead of normal neons because they arnt as big

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