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Ten Gallon Community Tank Help 10 Gallon Tank

  1. devin s. Valued Member Member

    I have a ten gallon with a betta and 1' Cory catfish what else should I add in? Some had said only shrimp and snails, and others say some tetras will do fine. HELP!
  2. shiv234 Well Known Member Member

    So i suggest you rehome that cory..They need to be in groups of 6+ and it can't be provided in there. You could add 3 female guppies in there. I had success with that...No tetras since most if not all species of tetras will eat the betta's fins. Do you have knowledge of the nitrogen cycle to?

  3. devin s. Valued Member Member

    Thank you. I will re-home the cory, but with past experience with guppies they are the ones that attack the betta. My brother has 6.5 gallon tank with 2 guppies and a female betta, and they've bitten her fins once. Just concerned, since my betta has been under my care for 2+ years and want to keep him alive.
  4. shiv234 Well Known Member Member

    Was it a male guppor or female...I know male guppies are nippers...I have had success with females but i had to get rid of fry for 3 months

  5. devin s. Valued Member Member

    Can't be sure, he got them from PetCo, but they are all bright orange and have decently long tails.
  6. shiv234 Well Known Member Member

    probably a male then...Shrimp will do good with bettas too. If it was up to me i would put the bettain a 5g and do something else with the 10g...Bettas should be kept alone in general
  7. Mary765 Well Known Member Member

    You can tell by looking at a guppy! Males will have a long pointy anal fin whereas females will have a short triangular one!

    Also, I disagree!! Shrimp are not good with most betta because they are small and fragile. Amano shrimp maybe, but nothing else.

    You could do endlers; which are a smaller version of a guppy.
  8. devin s. Valued Member Member

    Ok. I cannot keep the 3.5 gallon tank as there is no space. For now I will leave the tank as it is with the betta, cory, and snail. I will give updates later on. Thank you guys!


    Cory possibly will be re-homed and replaced by shrimp and a guppy or two.
  9. 2211Nighthawk Fishlore VIP Member

    Ghost shrimp work to my experience. Mine complete ignores them and their get to a good size. My largest was a little over an inch long.

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