Ten Gallon Apisto Borellii Tank

  1. RyanLewis Member Member

    This is my decently planted ten gallon aquarium with a single apisto borellii with water wiateria and a single micro sword plant(the only one that survived from my old setup). The water wisteria is just starting to adjust and I have noticed an abundance of seed shrimp! I will possibly be adding some dither fish or bottom dwellers and I've been researching for weeks about south american tank mates for my borellii. I will post updates whenever there are changes. I use an aquaclear filter rated for 105 gph and a nicrew full spectrum led light. I absolutely plan on upgrading to a larger tank and a bigger filter ect.
  2. RyanLewis Member Member

    Heres the photos I forgot xD 22d54a91ed9c6c1e421d087e6b18a02f.jpg 8e27f91a7ea2f96207991ac24a6931d6.jpg f12aa414090587adc590080c92bba0ac.jpg 538fd97138dd3c1bc781860263f3de5c.jpg
  3. Anders247 Fishlore Legend Member

    Nice tank!
  4. RyanLewis Member Member