Temps in the 60s this week by me! Check out what's available!!

Temps will be in the mid and upper 60s by me this week which means even 2-day shipping is guaranteed DOA for fish and shipping so if you're wanting a certain guppy, shrimp, or pleco, now is the time to buy. Last spring, I ran out quickly and while I have more stock this year than last, I wouldn't want anyone to have to wait on their favorite fish because I am out of stock. If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know. I am committed to getting everyone their fish healthy and happy.
Current Stock Available:


Red Moscow
Blue Grass
Tequila Sunrise
Indo Blue
Neon Blue Turquoise (Males)
24k Gold
Red Tail Dumbo
Blue Dragon
Red Dragon
Blue Moscow (Females)
Wild Endler
Neon Dwarf Rainbows

Fire Reds
Bloody Mary
Pumpkin Orange
Yellow Goldenbacks
Blue Dreams

Super Red Bristlenose

Available April 1st:
Half black white tuxedo
Half black yellow tuxedo
Black tuxedo koi
Half black red roses
Albino full reds
Red albino lace

Future Breeding Projects:
Coy Angelfish
Marbled Bristlenose
Panda Corys
Green and Purple Dragons
New Mutt Guppies from all new breeding strains.

Please let me know if you have questions. Pictures for new fish will be available by 4/1 when fish are ready to be sold.
How much are you asking for shrimp?
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Shrimpgeek said:
How much are you asking for shrimp?
Sorry I never saw this!! My culls are anywhere from $13-$18+ shipping for 10+2 depending on the color.....orange, blue, cherry, etc. I have fire reds, blue dreams, blue velvet, orange pumpkin, and bloody Mary. Which ones are you interested in and I can give you a price breakdown on them. If you want all the prices, I can grab those too.
Interested in blues and oranges.
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Shrimpgeek said:
Interested in blues and oranges.
Okay great!! I'll get you those prices tomorrow at the latest for them!!
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Blue Dream Shrimp: Deep blue color
5+1/$25 (1 pack available)
10+2/$45 (1 pack available)
20+4/$80 (1 pack available)
Blue Velvet: Medium blue color
5+1/$18 (1 pack available)
10+2/$32 (1 pack available)
Blue Culls: Very little blue or uneven color
5+1/$10 (1 pack available)
10+2/$18 (1 pack available)

Orange Pumpkin:
$3.50 each
10+2 $30
Orange Culls:
10+2 $16

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