Temporarily Keeping A Maylasian Green Arowana And A Silver?


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So pretty soon I am getting a huge tank for my 6 inc flowerhorn and I am planning to add a silver arowana. However based on my research the flowerhorn will kill the arowana if it is bigger, therefore I'll have to get one similar size or bigger. Do not worry as if they fight too much I will separate them(I have a spare 75 for the fh if they fight too much) I have not purchased the silver so I have time to plan. However I was thinking I could get the silver and keep him with my Malaysian Green Arowana(5 inch) who is in a 400 gallon tank which also houses a sev and Oscar that are also 5 inch.
There are a few reasons for wanting to do this:
My FH is 6 inches and I'd be comfortable if the Aro is 6-7 inches, so if I end up with a 5 inch one I would like to keep him in said 400g until he grows out
Second this massive tnak upgrade(210g) isn't gonna arrive until end of this month, and I do not fancy at all testing he FH and silver aro compatibility and a tiny 75g.
You may be wondering also why not get the silver after the tank arrives. That is because my LFS or I guess in this case local fish market, is far, and I'd like to only have one trip to this place per month, and this trip is in two days since I'm low on frozen foods. Therefore until the tank arrives and the silver aro is of a comfortable size, would it be fine to house it with a Malaysian Green of a similar size just for a few weeks? And if so how long would it take for a silver aro to grow from 4-5 inches to 6-7?
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