Temperature Stability

  1. Daniel W

    Daniel W Valued Member Member

    I have two tanks. And guess what? Its practically impossible for me to make the temperature just right. Is there some type of trick I'm missing here?
  2. d

    daunicorn Valued Member Member

    Kinda need more info here. What kind of fish you have, how much the temp is swinging, wether you have a heater. If the temp is only a few degrees off I wouldn't be worried but again, need more info.
  3. OP
    Daniel W

    Daniel W Valued Member Member

    In my first tank (the only one with fish in it) I have 15 guppy fry. It keeps going to the mid eighties and I have turned off my heater. I am growing java moss, so I need at lower and preferably, more stable.
  4. tokiodreamy

    tokiodreamy Well Known Member Member

    What size tank and what brand heater? How many watts is the heater?
  5. chromedome52

    chromedome52 Fishlore VIP Member

    There are really not that many explanations for a tank being overheated, so here are the possibilities:

    1. Bad Heater. The first one everybody thinks of. However, you said you have unplugged the heater and the temperature is still in the 80s F. Heaters can be overpowered, they can be set wrong, they can stick from the contacts corroding in older models, but they need electricity to function.

    2. Room temperature. If there is no A/C, temperatures can rise into the 80s quite easily during the summer. Some people in northern states do not have A/C because it is so seldom needed, but this spring has recently been quite warm even in the northern regions. If you add the next explanation, even a room temperature in the mid 70s can exceed 80 degrees easily.

    3. Aquarium lights/lids. Usually a combination of the two. Even Flourescent lights put out a fair amount of heat. A tight lid can aggravate this by trapping the heat and preventing evaporation. Exposure to sunlight can be counted as part of this, as it brings a lot of infrared radiation with it.

    There isn't much else that can overheat a tank significantly.