Temperature Range For The Following Fish

  1. DaleM Well Known Member Member

    Hi all,

    I know this is easily researched and I have done so, but every site gives a different temp range. I tend to trust seriouslyfish the most and planet catfish for any cats, but nothing beats experience from people on here.

    After the temp range of the following:
    Sterbai Cory (up to 28c?)
    Cherry Barb (up to 27/28c?)
    Pristella Tetra (up to 28c?)
    Honey Gourami (up to or just over 28c?)

    I have a 35 gallon and temp is about 27.3c at the moment, but it might get up to 29/30c in the height of summer which I'll try and reduce with fans or running the aircon as a last resort.

  2. NavigatorBlack Fishlore VIP Member

    That is a brutally hot environment. You may not be able to avoid it, but I have kept all of those species at 23-24. I've never gone that hot.
    You will have to stock very lightly and feed very carefully to stay that warm, and do lots of water changes to keep decaying matter from consuming what will be precious oxygen. But they can all handle that range, although with shortened lifespans.
    It's ideal for the gourami.

  3. DaleM Well Known Member Member

    Yes unfortunately the climate here in Northern Australia is very hot. Over 30c for 9 months of the year. My tank is inside an insulated house and out of any hint of sun too. Hate to think of the temp in a tank at Mum's house which is not insulated. We are only into early in the second month of Spring and temps already about 32c.

    Stocking options are therefore very difficult if you want to get a full lifespan. Danios, Neons, Goldfish etc? Forget it. Although the LFS still always stock them. I'm hoping to at least get the temp around 27. It will probably get lower in winter, but winter for us is summer for other countries!
  4. DaleM Well Known Member Member

    The only other option is a chiller, but at $500 for a cheap Chinese unit, that's a lot of fish - especially the species I'm looking at. Definitely worthwhile if you've got expensive fish though. I might eventually save up for one to keep temps around 25c if clip on fans don't work

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  6. DaleM Well Known Member Member

    Yes, but hard to get here in Oz and start at about $60 each for assorted discus and well over $100 for particular species. Would be cheaper to just buy a chiller at those prices ☹
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    Just curious. I realize I'm closer to south america and you're closer to asia
  9. DaleM Well Known Member Member

    They are doable, still a bit on the expensive side. I'd wait a few months though as I know some, especially GBRs, are a bit on the sensitive side.
    I'll run an air stone to keep o2 levels up and I'll get a clip on fan. Even if the fan only drops temps to an average of 26c or so, it's better than running at 28c I guess
  10. ChiefBrody Member Member

    I also find temperatures drop by keeping the top open/using eggcrate. All my covered tanks are a few degrees hotter. Glass tops really create a greenhouse effect which is good for emmersed growth but it gets steamy for the fish. They evaporate quicker (especially if you have a forced air system/hvac in the house) but it's always cooler.

  11. DaleM Well Known Member Member

    Yes I think I'm just going to have to ditch the hood during summer and put a net over the top to stop fish jumping. It's 27.3 at the moment with no hood on and after a 50-60% wc, so I'm getting a bit concerned as we're not even in summer yet. I might try some clip on fans and see if they help at all
  12. DaleM Well Known Member Member

    A quick update. At the moment I only have the hood on one side of the tank, with some mesh and insect screen on the other side. I've got a small desk fan pointed at the open side running during daylight hours, ditto with a small air wand. Been able to keep temp around 26c with this set up. I plan to ditch the hood on the other side and use the same mesh so that will help with temps as well as the whole top will be open to airflow then. If I can keep temps in the 26-28 range during summer I'll be happy, I just don't want to go over 28 max as that will start to shorten their lifespan after any period of time.