Temperature Question.

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    Ideally I was aiming for 75F. This was fine to achieve with a heater throughout the winter. Now, summer is approaching and with the a/c on the tank still managed to get up to 80F. This brings to question, what dangers do the fish face with fluctuating temperatures?

    Currently, I still have only a Betta, but I expect to add Ottos and Corys by the end of the month.
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    Good morning :)

    :animal0068:I have moved your thread from Freshwater Beginners to Aquarium Water/Temperature section of the forum.

    Sudden temperature changes can be harmful to your fish. If the temperatures increase slowly throughout the day there shouldn't be any problems with the fish. 80 degrees isn't bad. I keep my tanks at 80 degrees.

    The problems really develop when you take a fish from 80 degrees and place it in a tank that is 75 degrees without acclimation. Or going from low temp to high temp without acclimation.

    Sudden temperature changes can cause stress leading to ICH and other possible issues.

    I've never had any issues by increasing my tanks temperature 2 degrees per hour or so. :)

  3. fbn

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    You could set your heater at 80F. That way, if your house gets colder than the 80F, the heater will still keep the water at 80F.