Temperature issues


I have just received an aquarium for a Christmas present, and though I had a betta once before in a 1.5 gallon bowl on my desk at work, I am inexperienced. In the summer, our condo can get up to 40 C (104F). I'm afraid it will kill my fish. Is there any way to keep a tank cooler than room temp?


I believe that there are things that are used to cool tanks but I am going to wait and see if someone with experience with the products or knowledge of their use can give you a better answer.

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Your only option is a chiller which are VERY expensive..totally not worth it unless you have a large expensive tank.


since those temperatures are normal for your part of the world you could ask someone at a local fish store what other people use or reccomend
Where are you from? It's hard to reccomend anything since all things are not available everywhere


HI LegoKnight! ;D
I like the Lego toys too. (Bulding toys for those who don't know.)

How good is your air conditioning?
If it is strong enough the tank will be okay. (And the house will be colder)

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