Temperature fluctuations (Betta)? Question

Discussion in 'Temperature' started by Ridendi, Mar 7, 2012.

  1. Ridendi

    RidendiValued MemberMember

    Hi guys,
    I wasn't entirely sure where to put this but here goes,

    I've been wondering... although the Betta fish we breed in captivity are more vulnerable than those in the wild, we still stick to the temperature range found in their natural home, Asian rice patties. Obviously the patties are very warm, so we set the temperature on our heaters to a constant temp around 78-80F. I've been sticking to this rule since the very beginning, i.e. keeping a constant temperature. But surely in their natural habitat, the temperature would decrease quite dramatically at night?

    I know temperature fluctuations can be deadly to Betta's... Have they lost their ability to cope with day/night water temperature fluctuations as they've become domesticated? Or do the rice patties not change in temperature at all? I'm only assuming the temp drops at night because every warm holiday destination I've been to has become very cold after dark.

    Sorry if my question is a little vague, maybe even stupid... but I'd love to know, any answers are appreciated.
  2. e_watson09

    e_watson09Well Known MemberMember

    Just because it gets colder air doesn't mean the water temp really drops THAT much that fast. I don't think it'll hurt them for a couple degrees.
  3. w_boughnerValued MemberMember

    depending on the depth of the water will vary the temp change .... for example a air temp drop of 15 degrees lakes of 2-5 feet deep will change dramiticly up to 8 degrees and water 15-25 feet deep may change 4 degrees and so on

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