Temperature Concerns

  1. MudSkipper

    MudSkipper Valued Member Member

    Hello Fishlore, I am having some problems concerning my aquarium temperature.
    I have a 55 gallon aquarium at a private school that I recently enrolled in, and have been taking care of it since September 2016. Back then the temperature would stay where I wanted it at 73-75F but now since it's July and it is also Summer I am unable to get the tank under 80F.

    The building itself has no insulation, very poor air conditioning and is in a very warm area of California. It may not help that very few people are there in the Summer so the air conditioning isn't on so the building gets very hot.

    This is not a problem with my heater, it is never on at all. My main question being is should I be concerned?
    Stocking of the tank is as follows
    10 Nerite Snails
    7 Platies
    15 Neon Tetras
    9 Panda Corydoras
    2 Bolivian Rams
    1 Bristlenose Pleco

    Are these fish going to suffer for the next month and some with the major heat? Should I invest in an Aquarium Chiller?
  2. AllieSten

    AllieSten Fishlore VIP Member

    You could freeze water bottles and rotate them in and out of the tank to bring the temp down. Along with adding a fan that points directly at the top of the water, this should help cool the water down some.
  3. OP

    MudSkipper Valued Member Member

    I don't have the option of being there every day to interchange water bottles as the actual aquarium is at my school, as for the fan I have a cover on the top so I don't see how I could implement that. Good ideas though!
  4. OP

    MudSkipper Valued Member Member

    Should I invest in an aquarium chiller?
  5. Mac's

    Mac's New Member Member

    How much space have you got between the hood and any of the braces in the tank if it has any??
    Depending there is many types of small small fans which you can buy to help circulate air and keep it cool.
    You could then add a timer to the small fan to work at the best times and not 24/7. Though you will need to keep a eye on evaporation.
  6. max h

    max h Well Known Member Member

    The only problem with chillers is the expense involved with buying one.
  7. Cheesearmada

    Cheesearmada Valued Member Member

    Is the tank near any windows heaters etc? Otherwise you could do water changes with cooler water, that's what I do. Turning the heater to a lower than normal temperature also helps.