Temperate River Tank - Day 1

  1. JaneGael

    JaneGael Valued Member Member

    Long story short - I bought two Hillstream loaches because the LFS owner said they'd be fine in a tropical tank. Research said otherwise. If I took them back he'd just sell them to someone else who would probably keep them incorrectly...and I wanted another tank for the office anyway. So queue a blizzard of research and getting for the tank - a 20L from Craigslist with hood and light and air pump, so all I needed was parts and decor. Finding river rocks was amazing hard and I ended up snitching most of them from various public landscaping. I didn't need many and figured it was a refund on my misspent tax dollars.

    Today was setup day and I added filter material that's been baking in my 30g for a month or more as well as two pieces of driftwood from my other tanks. I put on a glass tank, an Aqua Clear 70g filter, a double sponge filter on loan from my 30g and I was ready to rock and roll.

    I made a little cave so they can escape the high light needed to grow algae for them and added a cave for the cories I'm going to order. The fish will be long fin zebra danios. Right now, it's just cycling and settling in. I'm pretty pleased with how it looks, although my 30g looks a little sad without the driftwood (I bought some new to add.)


  2. maggie thecat

    maggie thecat Well Known Member Member

    Neat! I like the rocks.
  3. BubblySkootch

    BubblySkootch Valued Member Member

    That's a beautiful tank!