Teddy Bear Cholla For Fish Aquarium

Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by gothicrose5, Apr 23, 2018.

  1. gothicrose5Valued MemberMember

    i have several pieces of teddy bear cholla wood that i am currently boiling right now...My plan is to use some of the pieces to hide my heaters and for decor on the bottom of the tank now i know there's forums on this here but nothing with this direct question..I want to use in my fish aquarium i have rasboras in there now to have silver dollars or redtail sharks in there later will this harm my tank.....
  2. FahnFishlore VIPMember

    People use cholla in shrimp tanks all the time, and shrimp are much more sensitive than most fish. I myself keep cholla in my cherry shrimp tank. As long as it wasn't treated with anything and is just raw wood it's perfectly safe.

  3. FriarThomasIIIWell Known MemberMember

    Cholla won't hurt them. It's just driftwood. It might get moved by the dollars, and sharks need to be one to a tank. How large is the tank?

  4. gothicrose5Valued MemberMember

    55 gallon



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  5. FriarThomasIIIWell Known MemberMember

    Do already own the dollars and sharks?
  6. gothicrose5Valued MemberMember

    No not yet i just have rasboras in there to help cycle....The sharks and or dollars i plan on getting either at my local store or from live aquaria...for some reason pet solutions isn't working website anymore

      Is my wish list
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  7. FriarThomasIIIWell Known MemberMember

    I wouldn't add the silver dollars since they get pretty big, produce lots of waste, are super scittish, and demolish and eat plants. A single shark would be perfect in that tank, though. Maybe some smaller schooling fish instead?
  8. gothicrose5Valued MemberMember

    I do plan on adding Moss balls eventually to both my 55 gallon tanks
  9. FriarThomasIIIWell Known MemberMember

    yeah, dollars would demolish them. There are plenty of stocking options with a 55 that are safe for plants and tank mates, though. Want suggestions?
  10. gothicrose5Valued MemberMember

    I wanted to add about 18 of the sharks from the red tail to rainbow and the columbine and you say only 1 ohhh no maybe need to rethink

    Sure but im not doing plants only the moss balls the rest is fake plastic pieces and then the moss
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  11. FahnFishlore VIPMember

    Instead of silver dollars in a 55, how about something like tiger barbs? They're a semi-aggressive schooling fish that should get along fine with a redtail shark since the sharks are also classified as semi-aggressive.
  12. gothicrose5Valued MemberMember

    this is what my tank looks like now....ill post an after photo when i get the cholla added

    I looked at those and then the black long finned barbs as well

    this is my finished angel tank

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  13. FriarThomasIIIWell Known MemberMember

    yeah, sharks are super aggressive to each other and will kill each other. Plant wise, I would go as natural as you can. Real plants are pretty easy to take care of and reduce nitrates and also oxygenate the water, as well as having natural hiding places for fish. There are really easy ones to take care of and need only a basic light. Moss balls would be an excellent start. Easy plants would be any anubis plant and water sprite, rotala, anacharis, etc. Fish wise, a couple of dwarf gouramis and neon tetra would look good, things like that. Silver dollars get about 8 inches and in a circle shape, and sharks get about 6 inches long. 18 would be horribly overstocked regardless. Try aqadvisor.com to look at options and what you think would work.

    A opaline gourami with tiger barbs would look nice. Also, no cover for fish also stresses them out, so adding anything that is tall, shady, leafy/planty will make them feel safer. Keep that in mind.
  14. gothicrose5Valued MemberMember

    Boiling the teddy bear cholla 2 times to be safe then ill let cool with about a cap full of prime in it then should be ready to decorate

    ok i am getting back my zen aquarium decor so some of them are tall and shady so they could be added as well for that....my lights are fluorescent right now i am working on getting LEDS ...
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  15. FriarThomasIIIWell Known MemberMember

    Fluorescents do a good job lighting, but led's look very pretty. Best of luck man. Tell us what you're going to get, and make sure you make sure they are compatible so you don't end up with a catastrophe.
  16. gothicrose5Valued MemberMember

    Thanks and i will
  17. FriarThomasIIIWell Known MemberMember

    best of luck
  18. TexasDomerFishlore LegendMember

    Please do not add 18 of the sharks - they will kill each other and you'll be left with one.

    You could do something like this though?

    15x Tiger barbs
    15x Zebra danios
    1x Red tailed shark OR rainbow shark (not both - they'll kill each other)

    I wouldn't use fish just to cycle the tank - that's not fair to them. If you're going to do a fish-in cycle, at least do it with fish you're going to keep. What kind of rasboras are they?
  19. gothicrose5Valued MemberMember

    idk what kind of rasboras they are they are reddish in color i do not plan get rid of them i plan to move them to a 10 gallon tank when i am finished....keeping them was the reason i choose them over goldfish....

    If i do get rid of them they would go back to the store on the first thursday of the month....that store accepts fish back....

    im going to go for dwarf gouramies and neon tetras and x-ray pristella tetras.....
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  20. TexasDomerFishlore LegendMember

    Can you take a pic of them? They may not be suitable for a 10 gal.

    Just go for one dwarf gourami. Males will hurt each other, and females are rare.

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