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I've been thinking about starting a shrimp tank, but I've been wanting to use tap water with conditioners instead of going out and buying RO water. Since my tap water is around 150 TDS which is not that high for a shrimp tank. I've tried testing how the water would be by adding water and water conditioners into a cup and seeing the TDS. It instantly went to 2000+ TDS. I'm currently using florin volcanic rio escuro FX as my substrate, which supposedly should help with TDS and GH, but I just want to confirm it. Is there anyway to lower TDS? Does letting the water go through the nitrogen cycle help with the current TDS?


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TDS is a very ambiguous term when trying to determine what is in your tank. This will not tell you what, but will tell how much of everything as a whole. The term TDS is total dissolved solutes, which is just a term to tell you how much stuff is dissolved in your water. The ONLY way to lower TDS is to water change. Adding things (other than fresh water of a lower TDS) will ALWAYS raise TDS.
Moral of the story, 150 tds tap is just fine. I used 220 tds tap water with a gh and kh of 18 for my shrimp tank and they are still kickin' around lol. Just add the specified amount of water conditioner needed and your shrimps will good good, unless you have crazy low or high pH (<5 or >9).
The nitrogen cycle does not lower TDS, if anything it may raise it, but realize it is essential to cycle a tank (It converts Ammonia into Nitrates) because 1ppm Ammonia is SUPER toxic to fish, where 20ppm Nitrate is normal.
The only time, from my experience, that a TDS means anything is when you only feed your fish and do water changes. Like say when your tank gets to 300 TDS and your tap is 150 - doing a 50% water change will bring it down to about 225, then it may (depending on preference) be a good idea to change water when you get up to 300. This is just an example of how someone could manage their tank and they would use the TDS as a schedule somewhat.

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