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Discussion in 'Saltwater Beginners' started by Fishygirl1219, Apr 17, 2017.

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    Okay I know I cannot use straight tap water.... I totally understand that I use stress coat in my freshwater tank is there something like that to use in a saltwater tank? It's gonna be a 55 gallon I believe is how big it is I haven't got it yet going Tomorrow to get supplies just trying to see if I can do it with something like stress coat for saltwater tanks .

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    From what I understand just using RO water should be enough (with the mixed in salt aswell) most fish stores sell it or you can get your own unit.

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    I use tap water for my sw tank....I also use prime :)
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    What does the bottle of prime look like if you don't mind me asking
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    Yes, a cap full treats 50 gallons. Each ring in the cap is about 1ml...this stuff is good for a lot of things too, and it is good for freshwater and saltwater tanks!
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    Oh okay great I just don't have anywhere to get special water close and the guy that I can get it from charges 2$ a gallon or so and 55 gallon of water for 2$ is a little more than I can spend lol..... That's for being nice and not biting my head off lol
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    If you are keeping just fish or fowlr....it isn't that much of an issue. I have a feather duster and a very small colony of zoanthids...everything is fine (of course, I"ve only had my tank running for about 3 months now)
    It helps if you "know" your water as well, and know what to look out for...which is nitrates and phosphates more than anything...and silicates, other things too. Get the RO/DI unit when you can and then slowly switch over. That's my plan, but so far, so good.
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    Yea I'm just going with fowlr right now untill I get a little more experience in saltwater I'm great with freshwater but know nothing about saltwater I had to beg my husband to let me get a big tank for saltwater I had a 10 gallon set up for saltwater and have a live rock in it but as soon as I did that I knew I wanted bigger ....I just bought about 50 pounds of dry rock and I have live sand already I'm going tomorrow to get other supplies salt,primer,whatever else I might need since where I can get everything is about an hour away.....Do you know if Petco or PetSmart carries the prime stuff or something equally as good by chance?
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    I am not sure if they do or not honestly, I got mine off of Amazon....I even get my salt from them, it's cheaper! I actually had turned my 60gal into a sw tank too, but then had another big tank break on me and had to put everything back in the 20 gal. It was a nightmare...I've got my live rock every where lol,, 20 gal tank, 10 gal tank (breeding pods) and a piece in the 60 still that is now the brackish tank :)
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    I have a 55 gallon freshwater I was tempted to turn it into a sw but did not what to get rid of my fish in there I would feel like a bad mom...lol
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    Hi! I know this is kind of random but i just wanted to say it is in my opinion completely worth investing in an RO system. especially since you don't just have to use it for your aquarium. I use mine for whatever i need distilled water for lol! But i find having my own RO is really convenient, no more buying jugs of water to top off my tank! (I try to avoid putting chemicals in my tanks)
    Sincerely, the rapidly evaporating 65 gallon.