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tap water has nitrate

  1. G

    GMCMaxx Valued Member Member

    Hi all,

    My tap water has 10ppm of nitrate, which I understand is not all that uncommon. I always add Prime to my water in a 5gal bucket before adding the water to the tank. My question is this: After treating my 5gal of water with the recommended dose of Prime, my API test kit still says it has 10ppm of Nitrate. I doubled the dose on my next 5gal bucket and retested. It still says there is 10ppm of Nitrate. Why won't it read 0?

    thanks for you time
  2. Meenu

    Meenu Fishlore VIP Member

    wait 24 hours after adding the prime for accurate results.


  3. Lucy

    Lucy Moderator Moderator Member

    Prime claims to detoxify nitrates, not get rid of it.
    You can add some live plants, they'll use the nitrates.
  4. p

    patzee Valued Member Member

    I have the same problem with AmQuel. I also think that the nitrate is de-toxified. I even emailed Kordon about the problem and they said the API test kit would not read correctly with their product. So possibly it's the same situation with Prime.
  5. OP

    GMCMaxx Valued Member Member

    I suspected that the test kit would still read the nitrates since they were just detoxified and not actually removed. I'll do a test after it sits for 24hours on my next water change to see if it makes a difference in the test reading.

    It's amazing how much information I get from this site!
    Thanks to all.