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  1. Jake the Fish Member Member

    I'm just eager to know if you need to wait to cycle a tank if you get a new one. For example, you buy a bigger tank and fill it up but you already have a tank that has been running for a while. Would you have to wait a maximum of 2 months for the new tank to cycle?
  2. steed1172 Well Known Member Member

    hey jake and welcome to fishlore!..no you wouldn't have to wait you would get an almost instant to instant cycle, as the gravel and filter will have all the beneficial bacteria, if you use a new or different filter place some of the biological media from your old filter in your new on to get it started even faster(or if you can't do that, try placing some gravel from your cycled tank in the filter as media) best of luck!
  3. Meenu Fishlore VIP Member

    My suggestion is to do a fishless cycle, which is quicker than cycling with fish (and much less stressful). Also, to move things along A LOT, you can pad your filter with extra media and put extra filter media discreetly in the tank for a few weeks. Then when you set up the new tank, you move the extra media over from the established tank, and if you are lucky, you've got an instant cycle. At the least, you're well on your way.

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  4. Lucy Moderator Moderator Member

    If your 1st tank is already cycled, you can add the gravel, deco and filter media to the new tank for an almost instant cycle.
    This depends on how strong a colony of bacteria you have in your 1st tank.

    If you decide to do that, keep a close eye on your parameters and don't add anything new until you're sure you don't go into a mini cycle or lose the cycle.
    Even then, take stocking slowly.
  5. steed1172 Well Known Member Member

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  6. Jake the Fish Member Member

    Thanks for all your replies.:;perfect