Tanks Side/end On?

Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by DCJ, Apr 17, 2017.

  1. DCJ

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    Hallo forum!

    I've got a space 30cm/12" x 45cm/18" where a tank could go (MTS strikes!) but the space is 30 long and 43 deep

    I'm considering one of the 30cm Dennerle Nano Cubes for the space, but wondered if anyone had any experience with something more like the Hugo Kamishi 42 litre tank (maybe something shorter) but positioned so that the end becomes the front?

    If I went with the latter I'd probably plant it high at one end sloping down towards the other end which would be the view point. The filter et al (I'd likely use a HOB I've got) would sit at the planted end/the back so that it wouldn't be hanging weirdly from the side.

    I was thinking of stocking it with help from @ashenwelt 's 5 gal stocking list, giving them a bit more room.

    Does anyone have any opinions and/or experience or, more than that, any pics of tanks they have side on?
  2. ashenwelt

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    Honestly I would look at some of the aquascaper rimless tanks for your size requirements. They tend to have odd sizes... and you could probably configure a glass top any way you want ... instead of what will be an off angle for you.

    Remember, the most water you can get in that tank will be the most stable you can make it. So 43 is better that 27 liters. My next tank is actually a 30 liter by fluval (old flora series, minor upgrades) that would fit where you are thinking. But it doesn't use the depth.

    Remember though... you need to be able to service it. :)

    Good luck and happy aquascaping!
  3. Xander

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    It doesn't make for the prettiest display, but you'll see setups like that in many people's fishrooms, especially where breeding is the priority. Shrimp and killifish are often kept in rows of small end-on tanks. It's a real space saver to have them in this layout. It's pretty crippling as far as aquascaping and viewing go, so it's going to be up to you what is more important.
  4. Kiks

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    I have no experience when it comes to using an aquarium like that. The only thing I'm thinking is that I've looked through my own aquarium (31 inches long) from the side and it's very hard to see what's going on more than half way through. I think it could definitely work, but a lot of the time you wouldn't be able to see your fish or see what's going on in half the tank. It would annoy me to no end, but if I had no choice and it was the only space I had for an aquarium, I'd still do it.
  5. PaulaMPi

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    I had a space that would have put my tank mostly end-on to the main part of the room, but decided to put the tank diagonal across the corner. Any chance something like that would work in your space?

    I really like the way it faces out to all parts of the room now, instead of looking at the small end and seam.
  6. OP

    DCJValued MemberMember

    @ashenwelt those are beautiful! But expensive :( I'd love the biggest I could get - I've seen some neon green tetras that I'd love to get but might have to go with the sundadio axelrodi instead, if I can find any! :s

    It's actually going to sit on a low stand/thing that is holding a slightly larger tank, so I've got space to the side and the back to do maintenance.

    Thank you so much, and thank you for your 5 gal thread- I think, it is making me want 80 million more tanks which is entirely your fault :p lol

    @Xander I'm not wildly interested in breeding anything - if it happens then cool, but it's more trying new species and aquascaping for them, so that does put a bit of a spanner in the works. I might see if I can find pics of some killi rooms to check that out. I really appreciate your input :) Thank you for replying

    @Kiks You have a point - I'm wondering if a tank that isn't overly long compared to the depth might work better, but I'm not sure if I can find one. I think you might be right about that, but then again as long as the fish are happy... lol, tell me about it.

    Thank you for taking the time to comment :)

    @PaulaMPi Is your tank overhanging a bit on the corners? That's a good idea, but I don't think I've got the space to position it diagonally instead of end on :( *cries*

    Lol, thank you for sharing your experience with that. Was your tank end-on for long? And was it aquascaped?