Tankmates/hoping I Didn't Make A Mistake....

Discussion in 'Molly' started by ericabelle, Apr 20, 2017.

  1. ericabelleNew MemberMember

    Hello! I've got a male molly (about 2.5inches long) quarantining in a 15 gallon tall tank with 24 gold white cloud mountain minnows (about 1.25 inches long). They'll untimately go in a 75 gal tank where I have 12 longfinned zebra & leopard danios. Will the molly try to eat the minnows in such close quarters?
    Also, there is a ghost shrimp in the QT that is 1.5 inches long. I've tried to get her out, but she is impossible to catch! There are lots of fake plants and a driftwood cave in the tank. Is the shrimp in mortal danger now that I've put a molly in the tank?
  2. GlamCrabWell Known MemberMember

    I got mollies living with ember tetras, they totally ignore them.
  3. ericabelleNew MemberMember

    Fantastic! I wasn't sure with their large mouths! I just got this one yesterday, and I think he's going to be my favorite fish. They seem really smart. Do you, or does anyone, know whether I could keep a few males together in the 75 gallon? I wouldn't want to stress them out, but I also don't want babies.
  4. GlamCrabWell Known MemberMember

    My mollies are more interrested in nibbling algea on everything and mating rather then eat small fish. I dont think i ever heard of mollies eating other fish- even if they have a big mouth.

    You can keep males togheter saw other member recommend all males in stockings suggestion. They might argue while they set up a pecking order but they arent violent. (As far as i know)

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