Tankmates For 60l (15 Us Gallon) Temperate/coldwater Tank

Discussion in 'Freshwater Aquarium Builds' started by Laurizard, Jun 14, 2018.

  1. LaurizardNew MemberMember


    60l/17 gal tank with 6 WCMMs, what else can we get?

    Hi everyone, i'm new here. We have had our fish tank set up since the end of February, and it only finished cycling about 2 weeks ago. The tank is a 60L Tetra Aquaart Explorer. Looking back, a longer tank was probably the better choice, however, we cycled the tank for a long time (3 months), it is planted, and is now home to 6 very happy WCMMs who've been there about 2 weeks:


    There are 0 Nitrates, 0 Nitrites, and 0 Ammonia, pH is 4.4. (API liquid freshwater test kit)

    GH is 60, KH is 40 (API test strips)

    The tank is currently 22 C (71.6 F) and ranges from 18-24 C (64.4 - 75.2 F) now we have the warmer weather. It doesn't have a heater.

    Water changes are currently 20% every 7-10 days, and the glass is cleaned with a purpose made sponge at the same time. When changing the water a bit of the gravel gets vacuumed, and we change the areas we vacuum every time.

    My boyfriend and I are now looking to add more species to the tank, but I feel like we are fairly restricted on how many more fish we can add. We don't want to cause any stress to the fish due to overcrowding.

    I know there's no hard and fast rule to the right number of fish in a tank, but 15 inches of adult fish for our tank seems about right when looking at the one inch per gallon rule. When our WCMMs are fully grown they will take up about 9 inches.

    Preferably, we would like some bottom dwellers since the WCMMs are known for staying in the middle of the tank. Green algae seems to grow very quickly in our tank. We don't keep it in the sun, so i'm not sure why it grows so quickly. Something that would eat the algae would be great, although i'm aware we don't have many options. We don't really want to 'waste' the limited room we have with shrimp (I feel mean haha) :sorry:

    I have been doing research, but I feel like some advice from some experts would be better. :bookworm:
  2. RainBettaWell Known MemberMember

    I can't think of many cold water fish that are bottom dwellers.... a BN pleco might work though. You are good about water changes and cleaning so you'd be fine with one i think. If it grows to 6 inches then you will be at 15 inches of fish. I'd advise against the inch per gallon meathos however. Also, nice tank! What are those plants?

    I'm pretty sure that they will also eat the green algae too
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  3. localpeanutNew MemberMember

    The weather loach is a bottom dweller that actually prefers cooler water. They don’t like being alone though. Gold and eel-like and quite active. They like to slink about in aquatic shrubbery.
  4. Small TanksValued MemberMember

    Actually Hara Hara plecos are PERFECT for that size tank. They prefer cold water and stay tiny (under 2").

    As a side, please don't use the 'inches per gallon' rule, you need to look at over all tank foot print, plants, filtration and bioload more than the size of the fish.

    For example a mystery snail who is 1.5" large actually needs 5 gallons of water (cause they poop like crazy) while a say neon tetra that's the same size needs 20 gallons (and 5 friends) to be happy. And a chili rasbora school can be thrilled in 5 gallons even though all together that's like 3 inches of fishes.

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