Tanking stock instead of stocking tank

Discussion in 'Aquarium Stocking Questions' started by 1911 guy, Jul 19, 2015.

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    I made the classic "noob" mistake, even after having an aquarium years ago. I got fish that will grow too large for my 30 gallon aquarium. Specifically, two kissing gourami. But wait, there's more! Saturday, my son goes to the local PetsMart and comes home with a cute little catfish. Which, of course, turns out to be an African Featherfin. This, on top of the 6 tiger barbs I put in several weeks ago.

    Right now, everyone is small and getting along well. The catfish has staked out his territory in an ornament (sunken car), the barbs are pestering one another enough to leave everyone else alone and the gourami slowly cruise the tank waiting for feeding time.

    But i know it won't last. The catfish is going to get 6-9 inches long, the gourami are going to top 8 inches and those little barbs are going to double in size. Fortunately, I have room for a larger aquarium and can keep the current 30 gallon going in the same room while the new tank cycles. Therein lies the question. I can fit up to 120 gallon (48X24X24 inches) in the space I currently have the 30. How big do I need to go? I'd rather not re-home fish unless compatibility issues arise. I want the barbs, my daughter wants the gourami and my son picked the catfish. The wife is just shaking her head and being tolerant. Off the cuff, I'm looking at 75 gallon tanks, but would appreciate the input of experienced folks with these larger fish.

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    Maybe you can talk to the kids and explain to them how the size of these fish will affect the health of ALL of them. Take your daughter down to the fish store and have her pick out her favorite Gourami...DWARF" There are tons of catfish out there...do the same with your son. Maybe a Bristolnose Pleco! They are cool looking!

    Maybe giving an analogy of putting 4 children in a small room together for a few years..and while everything is OK when you are small...imagine what would happen when you got bigger!! Fights would break out...would be bumping into each other..etc etc... You get the idea.
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    Just to note - the Kissing Gourami can get up to 12 inches. I've read the ones kept in aquariums might not get quite that large, but they do have the potential. I would accommodate for that.

    75 gallon or larger would be ideal for that fish.
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    Agreed with escapay.