Tank Weight

  1. Kristie Bivens Initiate Member

    Stupid question...I'm being paranoid.

    We live in a cape cod, basement, main floor, upper loft bedroom. We have a 65 gal and a 28 gal in the living room on the main level. Also on the main level in a bedroom in the back of the house we have 2 10 gals, 20 gal, and 2 5 gals.

    My question: is that toooo much weight? I just keep imaging the floor caving in and all those poor fish dying.

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  3. Rover Initiate Member

    A 65 Gallon tank will weigh around 800 lbs fully loaded. Most floors are made to hold considerably more then that, but its worth considering! You know your property better then anyone, if you suspect it was built well you are probably fine. I wouldn't risk a shelf of tanks in one spot without bringing in an engineer though
  4. Kristie Bivens Initiate Member

    Thanks I'll check this out


  5. mohican Initiate Member

    Also, the floor joists will hold (and distribute weight) considerable more weight if they are running perpendicular under the tank. This spreads the weight over multiple joists vs just 1-2 alone.
  6. Kristie Bivens Initiate Member

    We have the tanks all along the walls. Most of my basement is unfinished so I can see where the joists are. I told you I was being paranoid. I was in the kitchen and I kept hearing cracking noises and I started thinking OH NO!!! I just needed a little reassurance!!!
  7. shiv234 Well Known Member Member

    usually its 1 gallon=10 pounds

  8. Kristie Bivens Initiate Member

    I think we're in trouble. LOL. Thanks
  9. MelloYello Member Member

    8.3 pounds

    I would probably talk to the land lord (if your renting). But if your not I would agree with @Rover and I would contact a engineer if you are supper worried about it... Also is the floor creaking all on its own???

    In this video you can see how much water it takes to colapse the floor, so I think you could be pretty safe.
  10. Kristie Bivens Initiate Member

    Wow!!! That's a lot of water. That eased my mind. Thanks for sending that.

  11. MelloYello Member Member

    No problem!