Tank water cloudy

  1. gloaming Initiate Member

    Hi! I have a five-gallon Fluval Chi with a Betta and two cory catfish. It's beet set up for about three weeks now. It has three live plants (not sure what they are, as they came in a packet of bulbs). I don't know the ammonia, nitrate, and nitrite levels. How do you figure that out?

    Yesterday I did a 25% water change, and the water is still cloudy. I'm also seeing a lot of brown algae. Not sure what to do about that. The filter is running nicely and the fish are active.

    Any ideas on why the water is cloudy? I read somewhere that brown algae is normal for a new tank, but I still don't like it!

    Thanks in advance for any replies!
  2. FallenOwl Well Known Member Member

    As I said on your other post, you should not have Cory catfish in a 5g tank.
    What kind of substrate do you have?

  3. gloaming Initiate Member

    The substrate is sand.
  4. FallenOwl Well Known Member Member

    Is it play sand, or aquarium sand?

  5. gloaming Initiate Member

    It's aquarium sand.
  6. FallenOwl Well Known Member Member

    Did you rinse it?
    If you did, IME, you just need to let it sit for a couple hours, although sometimes it can take 1-3 days to completely settle.
  7. gloaming Initiate Member

    I rinsed it before I set up the tank about three weeks ago, and I haven't had a problem with cloudy water until now. Could it be a problem with ammonia, nitrites, or nitrates? I feel like such a bonehead! I'm going to buy water testing stuff ASAP.

  8. FallenOwl Well Known Member Member

    After you get the water testing kit, test the water and post it here ;)
  9. el337 Fishlore Legend Member

    It's most likely a bacterial bloom which is common in new tanks.

    As for the algae, how long are your lights on?