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I have 2 30 gallon tanks one is heavily planted the other is a tacky glo tank (my daughter is 3 don’t judge ) I bought a 60 gallon that I’m going to merge both tanks into using the old substrate from planted tank with some top up new bags. Planted tank is on the stand where the new planted tank is going
My question is where to start?? What is the easiest way to do this ?

I know to syphon the planted tank into a bucket or two and net the fish
Pull out the plants toss in the bucket to keep wet
Python the water mostly out.
Scoop the substrate out into a pail
Remove the old tank
Place new tank
Scoop substrate in
Pour top up in
Put a few inches of water
Plant tank
Fill with water
Start filter and stuff
Introduce fish

Do I have this right, have I overlooked anything, would you do anything differently, tips??


-Net fish out; place in other 30 gal. Tank
-Pull plants out & place in other 30 gal. Tank
-Install your power filter on other 30 gal. Tank. Keeps BB alive
-Drain 50% of water into buckets. Gravel vac thoroughly. All kinds
of nasty bacteria are unleased when the substrate is moved.
-Discard the gravel vac'd water
-Scoop out substrate into bucket
-Switch out tanks
-Put substrate into new tank, then plants / decor.
-Pour used tank water in
-Pour dechlorinated water in
-Let water settle a bit
-Install power filter & heater
-Re-introduce fish
-Cross your fingers

Good luck
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Never even dawned on me to put them into second tank. You’re brilliant.
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