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    I just wanted to take a moment out of my evening to say thank you to everyone who responded to my questions and helped me figure out how to be a good aquarist. My tank is now the home of an extremely happy platinum crowntail betta (and probably a ton of snails in the substrate, but we'll address that when it becomes a problem), who has ample healthy plants to play with, a perfectly depleted filter flow which provides him with exercise when he wants it without disturbing the surface movement enough to stress him out, a healthy diet, and the clearest most chemically tuned water I have ever seen. My life is difficult and I face tremendous pressures and stresses every single day, but there is something zen-like and fulfilling about providing a creature so small with a life of luxury that is only possible thanks to the people on this forum who take time to educate and troubleshoot for the newbies. While I do still plan on increasing the size of the tank and adding a small community of algae eaters, the fact that I have been able to maintain a stable and happy home for Ghost (which is what I named my betta) is solely due to the supportive community here on fishlore and similar forums online. So, atm, I'm not asking for any help. Ammonia, nitrite, nitrates, ph, alkalinity... All of those are spot on. My plants and my fish thank you, as do I.
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    Good to hear!!